Never leave tampon box within reach of unattended puppy!Today Archie, our 93 pound golden retriever puppy, and I went for a ride in the car. I decided he could go with me and stay in the car while I had a meeting about an upcoming gig. The weather was nice so I opened the sunroof and cracked the windows so he would be comfortable.

I parked right in front of the Macon Bookshop and went in to have a cup of coffee with my new client. Just before I locked the door, the thought occurred to me that I should move the tampon box to a puppy-proof location, but then decided it would be fine inside the door cubby. (An explanation for having a said box in the car would render this post gender specific, and therefore, will not be included.)

When I returned to the car, I discovered that said door cubby is NOT, I repeat NOT, a puppy-proof location. You can see for yourself what happened.

Now I wonder what else might be unattended in my life. There’s the paperwork I need to send to my attorney and cleaning the bomb shelter in the basement.

Here’s what I’ve learned. The next box of tampons that goes in the car will be kept in a puppy-proof location. More importantly, when I have that little sense that I need to take care of something, I probably should. Right away. Otherwise, I’ll be dealing with the mess created when I leave issues unattended.

How about you? Have you ever left something unattended only to find that it bit you in the butt? What unattended issues are on the floor of your car? Or better yet, what issue are you facing, right now and aren’t you glad?