I just sat in on the first Twebinar thanks to Chris Brogan, Marcel LeBrun and many others at Cross Tech Media and Radian 6. What a GREAT first-time experience combining a webinar with the power of twitter to broaden the conversation. In case you missed it, here’s a summary of what stood out most for me.

  • People are using social networks to find pockets of opportunities.
  • Social networks/social media are changing search engine results, often highlighting obscure or sometimes less than ideal information above the fold. Companies must pay attention.
  • Customers are having the conversations online about your company, your product, your industry, etc.
  • Mom bloggers have power and LOTS of influence on the buying decisions, not just for their households.
  • Businesses are seeing negative comments go down because they are listening.
  • Companies doing social media/social networks well are doing so because they aren’t taking themselves so seriously. Loosen up corporate America.
  • Loosening up melts resistance.
  • Associations (non-profits, chambers and ministries/churches) have great opportunities to build community via social networks.
  • Every business/organization needs to reach out to younger generations to continue in the future. Social media/social networks provides that platform.
  • Use social networks/community to let your customers help you build your next product/service. They’re already your fans.
  • Use social media/social networks to give people what they need to tell your story!
  • Companies/organizations interested in controlling the convesation are not well suited for social networks.
  • Pushing your marketing message is not well suited for social networks. It is far better to enable conversations (and let others lead the conversation/tell your story).
  • We now live in three worlds: the physical, digital and virtual. (I would add spiritual to the list, but that’s a whole other post.)
  • People have three lives: professional, personal and private (the part not on social networks).

There was so much information. Now I must digest it all. It’ll be interesting how the conversations that began in today’s session will continue on Twitter in both formal and informal ways, as well as in other conversations about marketing, business and life.

I apologize for not including names/companies/links for speakers. The twebinar went so quickly, I only had time to take notes. See the sidebar of Twebinar page for more information about speakers. Can’t wait ’til the next one! Good job guys.

What about you? Were you one of the 500 to get in the first one? What was your takeaway? What am I missing from the list?