Not wrong in the sense that their GPS maps are off (though they vary slightly based on location). Wrong in the sense that, when you reach your destination, the lady’s voice says, “You have arrived.” (Watch below; you’ll see what I mean.)

Admittedly, I sort of like hearing this complete stranger tell me I’ve arrived. It’s like Joe Isuzu all over again. But she’s wrong. I haven’t arrived. And the moment I begin to think otherwise, is a dangerous time for me and for those around me. The same could be said for you as well. For all of us.

Whether in business, in marriage, in parenting, in ministry — whatever the case – the moment we think we’ve got it all together, we’re in a dangerous place. We stop paying attention to our business environment and the circumstances of life. We become too smug to heed the advice of those around us, many of whom are far wiser than we are.

And then we’re susceptible to the inevitable fall. Proverbs remind us, “Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

But hey, I’m just one person.

What do you say? Have you ever been bitten in the butt for thinking you’ve arrived? How?