UPDATE 7/19/09 5:43 p.m.

Since my original post, thanks to the many comments here and elsewhere, I’ve learned that the issue is not with Facebook. The culprit is a third-party app developer – likely the quiz app. Nonetheless, changing the settings as described below, is still a good idea for most people.

Today is Sunday. Since Thursday, I’ve been unable to update this blog or respond to comments here (though I have responded via email). I have used my posterous account to have an additional voice. For example,

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Or else your husband may just see a Facebook ad with your picture in it advertising hot singles in your area. I’m not joking. Not too long ago, my husband Peter had this ad appear on his Facebook page. Good thing we both have a sense of humor!

hot-singlesIf you don’t want to show up in your friends’ FaceBook ads, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. News Feed and Wall
  4. Click on “Facebook Ads”
  5. In the “Appearance in Facebook Ads” box, click “no one” (unless, of course, you actually want to tell your spouse to check out hot singles)

I changed that setting right away. :-)

What about you? Have you received any funny Facebook ads?