This morning I had the privilege of presenting a session on social media for Lynchburg College‘s Progressive Business Forum. (Thanks Ben, for the invite.) Here’s the slide deck, followed by a few of the key points and links to resources.

Social Media For Business

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  1. First and foremost, remember your business objectives for using social media. Your objectives determine how you use social media. Are you looking to increase sales? Raise visibility? Build community? What’s your purpose?
  2. Engage people. While social media can be used for marketing, it’s not a marketing channel. Don’t be a talking head!
  3. Be human. Chris Brogan is my go-to voice for the human web.
  4. How do you fit it all in? Follow Mike Hyatt’s blog to see a major CEO talk about how he fits it all in.
  5. Facebook is the new living room. Successful Fan Pages are fun. check these out the Zappets videos. I LOVE the Secret Admirer video. It makes me laugh – check out the photos in the background.
  6. Make sure you check your settings, and update them periodically. Things change often in social media.
  7. Use social media to gain mental shelf space. This is very much akin to the idea that some companies pay a premium price to place their products at eye level on grocery store shelves. Think about it. Make it easy for people (who may eventually need to buy what you sell) to remember you. It works. Ask Phillip Bosen about the time he was with Finks and I sent him business because he popped into my mental shelf space on LinkedIn.
  8. Both Dell and Gary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library have used social media to increase sales. Real money. Read Dell Outlet Case Studies here and Gary Vaynerchuck Case Studies here.
  9. Other resources: Set up Google Alerts for keywords relevant to your industry, Create a Google Profile for your business, Use Yelp. Check out Radian 6 for a more robust social media monitoring solution.

I also referenced the following books (affiliate links):

If you were at the session, please leave me a comment about what you learned, liked, what I could do differently next time, etc.

And, if you’d like an outline of a Facebook strategy document, shoot me an email to cheryl at culturesmithconsulting dot com.