My third word for 2011 is bread.

As in, Bread of Life.

The first two words appeared weeks ago. Breathe and Simplify. But I didn’t firmly grasp the third word until the latter part of January. During my Quiet Times studying John, God kept showing me “bread.” Each time I read or wrote about bread, my heart skipped a beat.

Journal Entries
Thursday, January 27: Bread = manna = Body. Will of God = believe, none perish.

Friday, January 28: He who believes in Me has everlasting life. Bread of life. Manna. flesh, blood; food and drink.

Sunday, January 30: Rev. Glen Land preached from John 1:1-14 – the Word became flesh

About the same time, I stumbled upon “bread” in the early chapters of Ann’s 1000 Gifts. And this.

Do you see it?

Names of Jesus

“Bread of Life” on the cover of Peter’s journal. The same journal he’s had for months.

Seeing, I see.

On Friday, February 4th, I had a wonderful phone conversation with Cassandra. Later that afternoon she emailed (click to enlarge),


Had I talked about my recent wonderings about “Bread” with Cassandra? I wasn’t sure, and it really didn’t matter. God was confirming something for me, through a friend I’ve never met in person. A friend from The High Calling was sharing how God impressed an image into her mind, an image that fit perfectly with what I’ve been studying.

Some might say that’s coincidence. I’ve learned, however, that I have to pay attention to things like that.

I told my friend Kelli about my bread word because she makes bread. And awesome cinnamon rolls. I felt compelled to ask her for some bread starter. Imagine, Me!  The least likely to be Suzy Bread-Making Homemaker.

Kelli agreed and suggested we make bread together sometime because I could see how she does it, ask questions and it would be fun. Last week I went to her house and we did just that.





Making Bread

Making Bread

Kelli is so thoughtful! She even sent me home with a box of bread supplies.

Take Home Bread supplies

Take Home Supplies

Kelli taught me well. The bread rose (I did have to force the first rising) and the next morning I popped those bad boys into the oven before breakfast. They’ve since been consumed.

Bread rising

Bread rising

Finished Product

The Finished Product

Yesterday I tried a more hearty bread  version made with oats, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. Once again I had to force the loaves for the first rising, and once again, the loaves were in the oven before breakfast. Delicious!

Bread Loves

Cooling Goodness

Grain Bread

Calling my name

I’m not sure where any of this is taking me, but I’m proceeding because I trust God is leading. I’m working on memorizing John 6:30-35 and daily, I’m asking Jesus to feed me.

How about you?
How is God speaking to you these days? How has He used someone else to confirm something to you? Or how has He used you to confirm something to someone else? Do tell!

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