I invited friends to join me on the Simplify Journey, but I have to tell you, I was more than a bit nervous.

partySuddenly I was in high school again, or worse, in middle school. I wasn’t the popular kid. I invited all the cool kids to come to a party. I decorated the house, prepared all the snacks, popped in my Kool and the Gang 8-track and sang into my hairbrush while I pulled out my favorite red tab Levis, my Izod shirt and Sperry Topsiders. I was ready to get my groove on, but not one single person came to my party. The chairs were empty.


The knot in my throat made it impossible to breathe.

That was sometime after midnight on Friday. I’d had the idea to write a series of posts about “simplify,” one of my words for 2011. I wanted to invite others to participate because God knows, there is no wealth of knowledge on that subject within my experience, nor in these fingertips. Still, the thought of hosting a blog project was In.Tim.I.Dating.

I traded emails with JoDee, bounced the idea around with her and she immediately said yes. One friend.

I could exhale.

JoDee was the first to reply. I’m happy to report that more than a dozen outstanding women have said, “yes.” I’m hoping others will join us as well. (Feel free to share the invitation!) Here’s who’s on board so far for one or more Simplify posts:

This Just In!
I’m not a nerd anymore!!!!


Don’t judge me. I know I’m a grown woman but that’s beside the point.

I have two final thoughts on this Simplify Journey before I quietly slip into bed next to the man I met at the Pittsburgh airport.

I made this observation in my reply to Cassandra last week, “People often want to go from information to innovation, but innovation doesn’t take root until the information is processed within the context of community. Maybe that’s what I’m after!” I think that’s part of what Stephanie said as well.

I think when it comes to simplifying, Perfection isn’t our friend. We shouldn’t invite her to our party. I hate to be like that, but that girl can drag you down. How many times have I wanted to take steps on the Simplify Journey only to be talked out of it by Perfection’s persuasion. I could go into details, but you’ve seen her in action. You know what she’s like.

Think about it. She convinces us that if we can’t simplify perfectly (think Martha Stewart or the pages of Real Simple magazine) then we shouldn’t even try. Well, she’s wrong. She knows it, and so do we.

Perfection is an experienced party crasher. Beware! She won’t give up easily. If you see her trying to sneak in, you have permission to kindly (or not so kindly) ask her to leave.

I can’t wait to hear what folks have to say this Saturday. I already have several ideas I’m looking forward to sharing.

What about you?
What journey have you taken in community? Is Perfection your friend?

Creative Commons photo on Flickr by ohsohappytogether.