I’m not sure how long this feature has been available, but I just learned today that I can now leave a Facebook conversation (i.e. private message sent to all 500 of your friend’s friends and you get to read each and every reply). Here’s how.

Step 1

Facebook Actions tab

When you’re in the message that says between “Facebook Friend” and 500 others, look to the right and click on the “Actions” tab.  You’ll see a drop down menu.

Step 2

Select “Leave Conversation.” You’ll get a message like this:

are you sure


Step 3

If you’re OK with everyone knowing you’ve left the conversation, click “Leave Conversation.” If you’re a dysfunctional people pleaser, click “Cancel.”

That’s it.


And you have efficiently cleaned up at least a portion of your Facebook inbox (and maybe your email, if you haven’t adjusted your notifications settings).

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PS. MB, I still love ya! Nothing personal. :)