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Over the last six months or so, I’ve gone from:

“What’s Pinterest?” to
“Who has time for another social network?” to
“Thanks for the invite. I might try it sometime,” to,
“OK, I’m here. Now what?” to
“This makes no sense to me at all!”

But now, I’m completely addicted to enamored!

I’m not alone. ABC & CNN are calling Pinterest “the hottest social network” and TechCrunch just awarded the site “Best New Startup of  2011,” (though technically, they started in 2010).

In a weird way, Pinterest has reignited my passion for social media. The possibilities are huge! I’m working with an existing client, helping them incorporate Pinterest into their marketing mix and will work with another client on a similar project next month.

Over the last week, I’ve had friends ask me about Pinterest, what it is and how do you use it. I considered writing a ”Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest,” but why recreate the wheel when you can read Mashable’s version here.

What about you?
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