This page is about me – who I am as a person. If you’d like to read my bio, one sheet or find information about what I do and who I’ve worked with, click here.

As a young girl, I often sat on my back porch steps waiting on the garbage truck to come so I would have someone to talk to. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve always loved meeting new people. “Never met a stranger,” some say. I have this uncanny ability to get to know others quickly and easily.

I grew up in Georgia in the late ’60′s and early ’70′s. My parents taught us (I’m the youngest of five) to treat others with respect. I spent a lot of time with the Etheridges, an African American family who lived across the street. Jeanine Etheridge was my best friend and her family’s influence helped shape me into the woman I am today. Before I ever heard the term “core value”, respect was already one of mine.

My faith is also very important to me. I find it both challenging and rewarding to consistently follow Christ in all aspects of life. I’m forever on this journey and am thankful for an intimate relationship with a loving God.

I wrote my first diary entry on January 1, 1976 as an 11 year-old girl. During those days and since, I’ve written about the things that are important to me – faith, family and relationships.

Today I’m living my dream and I want the same for others! That’s the message I convey to corporate and non-profit audiences alike. When individuals recognize their God-given uniquenesses and live accordingly, life takes on new purpose and meaning. Personal satisfaction abounds. Teams function more effectively. Customers are more engaged. Organizations grow and prosper.

In 2006, I married my better half and best friend, Peter. Together, we are blending a family of four children under the age of 13, along with Archie the golden retriever and Bailey the cat.