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    Happy Father’s Day Shmitty

    I love this photo taken of Peter and the kids last Labor Day weekend. We were at Ocean Isle Beach (NC) just after the hurricane. The surf was so rough that one evening at dusk, Peter lost his swim trunks. Not that embarrassing, trunks-fell-to-your-knees (or ankles). Nope. I’m talking, G-O-N-E. Gone with the surf. I [...]

    Breath of Heaven

    This morning I’ve been so distracted. I can’t seem to focus on any task long enough to check off even one thing from my list. (I’m looking forward to the arrival of my newly prescribed ADHD meds. For real.) Every time I walk into a room, I loose focus on the thing I was doing [...]

    The Stockings Were Hung, Much to My Dismay

    We decorated for Christmas last week and now, the stockings are hung, much to my dismay. It’s not so much that I’m against stockings, lest you leave a slew of “Bah Humbugs” in the comments. That’s not it at all. It’s just that every time I see these particular stockings, I’m reminded of how delicate [...]

    A Friend Loves at All Times

    This afternoon we spent a few hours hanging out with friends who were camping for the Thanksgiving weekend. We enjoyed catching up, watching the UVA-VT football game, and the kids had a blast! Many of the kids who were there have been friends since before they started elementary school. Some have been friends since birth! [...]

    Guess Who Came to Dinner?

    Early last week Peter asked Michaela what her mom was doing for Thanksgiving. She wasn’t sure. A moment later when he came into the bedroom, I suggested, “We should invite Laura for Thanksgiving.” He had been thinking it too, so we tossed around the idea for a couple of days. On Friday, Laura called about [...]

    Where There’s Smoke

    Where there’s smoke, I’m usually cooking. And the taunting sound of the smoke detector is sure to ring out, “She’s cooking again! She’s cooking again!” This was not the case last night. Peter was actually cooking. In his defense, Peter is a great cook. The reality is no one is immune to an occasional kitchen [...]

    Stages of a Family Photographer

    Somehow I missed the declaration that made me the “official family photographer,” but I’m certain there was one. I’m always behind the camera. Not that I mind, necessarily. I like being the chronicler. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. The Early Days Top Right: Aunt AnnieBell Middle Left: Grandma and [...]

    Yipee My Kids are Home – Five Observations on the Transition

    Yesterday my two children returned home from visiting their dad in Indiana. It’s now Day 2 and I have five thoughts about the transition. I was emotionally and spiritually prepared. For the few days leading up to their return, I was preparing myself for the transition. While I’ve missed my kids and couldn’t wait to [...]

    I Never Wanted Him to Begin With

    I know it’s horrible to say, but I never wanted Bailey to begin with. He was a product of divorce who needed a home. So when my ex-husband and his wife were in the middle of a divorce, the product of their marriage was sort of up for grabs. She was moving across country and [...]

    7 Things I Learned When My Son (Almost) Moved Away

    This past weekend, I thought my 12 year-old son might move in with his dad in the fall. Then last night he told me he changed his mind. Even though the whole time line lasted for only 24 hours, it was one of the most emotionally draining times of my life. I went to bed [...]

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