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    A Day in Photos

    Clinging Rain Kale Salad Marinating for Dinner Later? A Game of Jacks What about you? How are you spending your time between Christmas and New Year’s?

    Processing Life

    I’ve been processing life the way photographers process images. Only not as artfully nor as expediently. So much life these last days and weeks. There was the weekend marching band competition that I chaperoned in Virginia Beach where I started reading Rumors of Water. Sadly, that was the last time I’ve seen the book and [...]

    One of Those Mornings

    I had one of those mornings today. I spent the better part of an hour listening to a 13 year-old boy rap some song about a boxman. He was supposed to put his breakfast dishes away but the white boy rap was apparently too distracting. I had to call him back into the kitchen. Thankfully the dishes [...]

    One of the Best Things About Having a Hysterectomy

    You know what one of the best things about having a hysterectomy is? Well, besides that. And that. I don’t have to do school supply shopping. <insert dance of joy> Since I’m still recuperating, this year I don’t have to take the kids on that dreaded trip to one store and then another and then [...]

    Friday July 29 is National Take Your Wife to Lunch Day

    Less than a week after major surgery and I’m going stir crazy, so I told Peter today is National Take Your Wife to Lunch Day. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Funny guy, that Peter. He googled  ”National Take Your Wife to Lunch Day” and couldn’t find anything. Not to be outdone, I told him [...]

    24 Funny and Useful Lessons Learned During Remodeling

    We’re still in the midst of the remodeling project that never ends, but I thought I would chronicle at least some of the lessons I’ve learned in the last week. Matthew and Justin at Lumber Liquidators in Lynchburg, are patient to the nth degree and very helpful! After half a dozen trips to Lumber Liquidators, [...]

    Go Directly to Jail

    I’m heading back to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail tonight through Interfaith Outreach Association’s Progressive Release Program. Tonight’s topic? Anger Management. I’m planning to share this simple children’s story I wrote a few years ago for a friend’s seven year old-daughter, who was struggling with her own mean daddy. Sometimes hearing words from someone else [...]

    Happy Father’s Day Shmitty

    I love this photo taken of Peter and the kids last Labor Day weekend. We were at Ocean Isle Beach (NC) just after the hurricane. The surf was so rough that one evening at dusk, Peter lost his swim trunks. Not that embarrassing, trunks-fell-to-your-knees (or ankles). Nope. I’m talking, G-O-N-E. Gone with the surf. I [...]

    Five Minute Food on Friday

    It’s already after 11 and I just finished breakfast. But I have good reasons. First, I woke up early and refreshed this morning because last night, I was totally wiped out and in bed by 9:30PM. After Peter and I had coffee and he left to go to work, I popped into a friend’s yard [...]

    Remember that Seinfeld Episode Where Jerry Can’t Remember His Girlfriend’s Name?

    Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry can’t remember his girlfriend’s name? He can’t ask her because, well, it’s complicated. So he asks all sorts of questions, only to discover it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. Unfortunately, that clue still doesn’t help (until the end of the show). Well, I’m beginning to wonder [...]

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