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    Saying Yes to God (and would you pray?)

    I said yes to God a few years ago when “out of the blue,” my mailman showed up on my front porch and asked me to help with a jail ministry. (You can read the mailman story here.) Tonight I’m headed back to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail to meet with a small group of [...]

    What Have I Accomplished?

    This morning I’m in a contemplative mood as I near the end of National Blog Post Month (#nablopomo) and the end of 2010. What have I accomplished? What have I accomplished in this month? This year? This life? What have any of us accomplished that matters in light of eternity? I found a quiet place [...]

    Should Christians Give Up Bible Reading for Pilates?

    I have – twice this week. But before you weigh in with thoughts of judgment or congratulations, let me explain that one of my three words for 2010 is Temple. Why Temple? As in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, [...]

    Coincidence or God Moment

    Last week I spoke at the Lynchburg Evening Aglow meeting and shared my story based on my work in progress – the book I’m writing. At the end of the meeting, several ladies prayed for me and one used the phrase “ready writer” in her prayer. Others who were there affirmed that phrase, which I [...]

    The Power of Friends During Career Transition

    I’ve been reading two new favorite books (The Power of Who and Say Yes to No) recently that echo the thoughts of another favorite Vital Friends (buy it new so you get the code). All three discuss the great value and power of friendships. I can think of no greater time to have positive friendships [...]

    I Cried Today

    I just heard God speak to me so clearly, that the experience overwhelmed me to tears. Since I started my own business, I’ve been so worried (stressed lately) about the direction and which way I should go. This morning when I was having my quiet time, I was really praying for God’s guidance. I remembered [...]

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