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    I’ll Show You Mine

    I’ll show you my refrigerator if you show me yours. Tonight as I was cleaning up after dinner, I had this sudden urge to take pictures of my refrigerator. Weird, I know. Except a few years ago I saw these cool photos of people’s refrigerators. Then when I was at Laity Lodge, there was a [...]

    Remember that Seinfeld Episode Where Jerry Can’t Remember His Girlfriend’s Name?

    Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry can’t remember his girlfriend’s name? He can’t ask her because, well, it’s complicated. So he asks all sorts of questions, only to discover it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. Unfortunately, that clue still doesn’t help (until the end of the show). Well, I’m beginning to wonder [...]

    Why Simplify?

    Simplify is one of my words for 2011. But why? The truth is, I’m in dire need. Life is complex and complicated. How in the world can I breathe (my other word for the year)? I think the answer lies, in part, in this word. notes simplify is a verb that can be defined as follows: [...]

    Perfect Conditions for Dreaming

    I’m typing this post aboard flight 2437 to San Antonio, though I won’t hit publish until late morning when I arrive. I’m heading to the land of sunny skies and no rain. Between now and Sunday, I’ll be spending my days and nights at Laity Lodge in Kerrville, Texas. I’ve never been to Laity Lodge [...]

    Today and Tomorrow at High Calling Blogs

    I continue to be amazed at all that God is doing in my life through High Calling Blogs (HCB). I’m “meeting” some great writers, loving my work there, and am receiving some encouragement for my writing. Today Bradley Moore, who writes at Shrinking the Camel, wrote “Any Road Will Take You There” and featured my [...]

    Testing my wordpress app for iphone

    In Case You Missed It: Apologies, Intimacy and Business

    Today on High Calling Blogs, David Rupert (along with the help of Monica Sharman) provided a list of interesting posts by fellow High Calling Blogs network members. I was pleasantly surprised to be included for my Five Signals post. Here’s David’s post, complete with plenty of links for your perusing. Happy Thursday!

    What Do You Expect Here?

    I’m making some revisions to my blog and need to make one huge adjustment in how I categorize posts. I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me out. You see, when I started blogging, I didn’t really understand that blogs are best when they’re refined to a few succinct categories. Until recently, I [...]

    More Questions than Answers

    A little more than a month ago I was in Chicago attending SobCon09, business school for bloggers. I learned so much that it made my head hurt. God used two people in particular (thanks again Jon & Chris) to help me figure some things out. Now I have more questions than answers, which is partly [...]

    Digesting SobCon

    I’ve spent the last few days at SobCon (Successful Outstanding Bloggers Convention/conference) and now I have to digest it all. I took pages and pages of notes (22 to be exact) from sessions presented by some of the brightest marketing/social media folks around. Anywhere. My brain is saturated. Here are just a few of the [...]

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