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    Shares Well with Others

    In the years before I started my own business, I worked for the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. One of the things I learned during that time is that chamber professionals share well with others. Need a sponsorship agreement? Ask Wendy. Need information about branding? Ask Cathy. Need to know how to handle a personnel [...]

    VACCE Institute Presentations

    Yesterday I had the privilege of giving two presentations for the 2009 Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (VACCE) Institute. Bob Leveque, VP Manufacturing, RR Donnelley, provided the keynote address entitled, “The Power of Attitude in Tough Times.”

    My Friday Follow Surprise

    Last Friday was a busy day with a fun surprise that caught me completely off guard! The surprise came as a random act of kindness by a Twitter friend, Dee Stewart. Unbeknownst to me, Dee waged a Twitter campaign to help me reach 2000 followers. A meeting in Charlottesville had me off the grid for [...]

    What Chamber Professionals Should Know About Social Media

    What a difference a year makes! Last year I facilitated a session “Chamber Websites that Work” at Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (VACCE) Institute. In hallway and luncheon conversations, I talked with people about blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Plaxo. For the most part people’s eyes glazed over. Typical responses were, What’s the [...]

    Don’t Check Common Sense at Login

    You know how to use airport check in, right? You check the big luggage that you don’t want to carry onto the plane with you. The stuff you take on the plane is the stuff you need in case you loose your luggage (or more aptly put, in case the airline looses your luggage). Carry-on [...]

    Finding Your Passion

    Last month I wrote about Self Awareness and The Journey. In that post, I made several observations about how I’ve gotten to where I am now. The first observation was about passion. My introduction to a little passion lit the flame that has fueled the fire for where I am today. More than 10 years [...]

    Handwritten Notes, Connections and Lost Luggage

    You never know what might happen when you take the time to handwrite a note. The other day I wrote to Chris Brogan, thanking him for the impact he’s had on me at this phase of my business. I sincerely appreciate his willingness to share information, not to mention the fact that he’s a genius! [...]

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