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    The Power of Transparency – Guest Post by Dan King aka Bibledude

    This guest post by @bibledude is part of the We Are Real project at High Calling Blogs. You can read my guest post on his site, BibleDude dot net. I don’t think I ever expected this relationship to become so real. My first interactions with the Welcome Editor were when I needed to get [...]

    How Long, O God? How Long?

    How long, O Lord, will I avoid you? How long will I delay my obedience, which is, in fact, disobedience? How long, O Lord, will I allow my fear of failure, fear of imperfection, fear of doing it wrong — how long, O Lord, will these fears hold me back? How long, O Lord, will [...]

    Twitter Makes the World Smaller

    Last month I went to Nashville to visit my friend Wendy. The first flight available to return to Lynchburg was early Monday evening. Since Wendy and her husband Curtis were both working, I used the day to meet several people from Twitter. In real life. That’s the beauty of social media. Twitter, Facebook and the [...]

    Husband Speaks Out On Seeing Wife in Facebook Dating Ad

    Would you have a sense of humor? How you would have reacted? Leave your comment here.

    Facebook Asks for Help

    Late this afternoon Facebook clarified their Terms of Service (TOS) in this post, in response to the Facebook meme that currently is spreading like wildfire. In his note, Barry Schnitt, Mangager of Policies & Communication, says, “We’re committed to remaining vigilant in enforcing our policies to prevent bad ads from appearing on Facebook—whether served by [...]

    4 Reasons Stories Go Viral

    Several people have emailed me this morning to let me know the Facebook Ads story has turned into a Facebook meme (rhymes w/cream). A friend in Florida received the note from a friend of his in Hawaii. A reporter in Chicago just contacted me for a story they’re running. (I’ll provide the link when available.) [...]

    Are You Ready For The Digg Effect

    I’ve heard of the “Digg Effect” (akin to the Brogan Bump or the Oprah Effect) but had no idea I would ever experience it myself. Until last week when I wrote this Facebook Ads post that created quite a stir. My post generated subsequent posts on Mashable, Digg, Reddit, ReadWriteWeb, Download Squad, WalletPop and more. [...]

    My SobCon Elevator Pitch

    You’ve probably heard the term “elevator pitch” before. Basically, your elevator pitch should be tell others what you do in a way that is succinct and memorable. Last weekend I was in Chicago for SobCon, the business school for bloggers. On my way to my room I was ambushed by an elevator full of crazy [...]

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