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    New Year’s Ponderings

    I have about twenty minutes before I have to go pick up the paint brush again, but I wanted to quickly share with you a few of my thoughts on this New Year’s day. All four children were away for the Christmas holiday. Two have returned, and the other two come back home on Tuesday. [...]

    In the Shadows of the Nativity

    I took this picture several weeks ago and thought I would blog about it after Christmas. Since then, I’ve thought often about the cross in the shadows of the nativity. But sometimes it’s enough to share what Jennifer says about wearing the cross. Or let pictures speak for themselves.

    I Can’t Breathe

    I sent the kids outside to sled on our street, no doubt turning packed snow to ice so the road will be nearly impassable by nightfall. The boys returned, in all their sweaty, smelly funk. I can’t breathe. What is it about 12 and 13 year old boys who’ve been playing, the smell that takes [...]

    Trying Hard to Make Advent Special

    I want Advent to be special for our family. I listen to people talk about their family Advent traditions. I read blogs about Jesse Trees.  I watch videos about the Advent Conspiracy. And I want in! I want to refocus my time and attention away from a world filled with hustle and bustle, hurry and [...]

    The Worst Christmas Gift Ever

    SUBTITLE: OUR MODERN FAMILY CHRISTMAS Peter is the hardest person in the world to buy presents for! He knows exactly what he wants and it’s usually technical in nature. This man, who lives for the monthly arrival of his Consumer Reports magazine, has thoroughly researched every technical item he’s ever wanted. He can tell you [...]

    Breath of Heaven

    This morning I’ve been so distracted. I can’t seem to focus on any task long enough to check off even one thing from my list. (I’m looking forward to the arrival of my newly prescribed ADHD meds. For real.) Every time I walk into a room, I loose focus on the thing I was doing [...]

    A Loss of Innocence

    They came upstairs from his man cave way later than I had hoped. It was dinner time and they had been called long ago. The table was set and three of us were seated. Waiting. Even Hannah, the messenger child, hadn’t returned from the abyss. I was hungry and grumpy when they finally sat down. [...]

    My First Post Separation Christmas: 3 Challenges & 3 Blessings

    It’s Christmas Eve. For weeks (or days or hours) some of us have been making preparations for the holidays. Christmas is many things to many people. Among other things, it’s a season to celebrate with family and friends. And there’s the rub for people in the midst of divorce. Family, friends and traditions change. Drastically. [...]

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