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    Saying Yes to God (and would you pray?)

    I said yes to God a few years ago when “out of the blue,” my mailman showed up on my front porch and asked me to help with a jail ministry. (You can read the mailman story here.) Tonight I’m headed back to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail to meet with a small group of [...]

    What Do Kids and the Makers of Capri Sun Have in Common?

    If they’re smart, they can turn lemons into lemonade. A Little BackgroundToday was my lucky day. When I arrived at the Post Office, I found a 5-Minute Parking spot, right on the Avenue. I tried to pull up as far as possible, because I didn’t want to block passersby from experiencing one of the biggest [...]

    TED Talks, the tedPAD and What It All Means for Public Speakers

    Yesterday I read about this 6-minute TEDActive video by Sebastian Wernicke, about the best and worst of TED Talks. Take a look for yourself and then read the 10 Tips for Public Speakers that I gleaned. See if you agree. Here are 10 Tips for Public Speakers Make your speeches available online. There are a [...]

    VACCE Institute Presentations

    Yesterday I had the privilege of giving two presentations for the 2009 Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (VACCE) Institute. Bob Leveque, VP Manufacturing, RR Donnelley, provided the keynote address entitled, “The Power of Attitude in Tough Times.”

    What Chamber Professionals Should Know About Social Media

    What a difference a year makes! Last year I facilitated a session “Chamber Websites that Work” at Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (VACCE) Institute. In hallway and luncheon conversations, I talked with people about blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Plaxo. For the most part people’s eyes glazed over. Typical responses were, What’s the [...]

    Don’t Check Common Sense at Login

    You know how to use airport check in, right? You check the big luggage that you don’t want to carry onto the plane with you. The stuff you take on the plane is the stuff you need in case you loose your luggage (or more aptly put, in case the airline looses your luggage). Carry-on [...]

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