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    One of Those Mornings

    I had one of those mornings today. I spent the better part of an hour listening to a 13 year-old boy rap some song about a boxman. He was supposed to put his breakfast dishes away but the white boy rap was apparently too distracting. I had to call him back into the kitchen. Thankfully the dishes [...]

    Digesting SobCon

    I’ve spent the last few days at SobCon (Successful Outstanding Bloggers Convention/conference) and now I have to digest it all. I took pages and pages of notes (22 to be exact) from sessions presented by some of the brightest marketing/social media folks around. Anywhere. My brain is saturated. Here are just a few of the [...]

    What Chamber Professionals Should Know About Social Media

    What a difference a year makes! Last year I facilitated a session “Chamber Websites that Work” at Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (VACCE) Institute. In hallway and luncheon conversations, I talked with people about blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Plaxo. For the most part people’s eyes glazed over. Typical responses were, What’s the [...]

    Big Takeaways from Today’s Twebinar

    I just sat in on the first Twebinar thanks to Chris Brogan, Marcel LeBrun and many others at Cross Tech Media and Radian 6. What a GREAT first-time experience combining a webinar with the power of twitter to broaden the conversation. In case you missed it, here’s a summary of what stood out most for [...]

    Conversation Starters

    For the last few years, on the evening of the BB&T Virginia 10-Miler, Schmitty and I have attended a beer tasting party/cookout hosted by some friends of mine. The second year, Schmitty (an Introvert) asked me for some tips on how to start a conversation with someone he’s never met before. I encouraged him to [...]

    What Would Jesus Tweet?

    While driving home from a recent lunch meeting, a weird thought popped into my mind. What would Jesus tweet? (Maybe you’re familiar with the whole WWJD craze, which admittedly, has been quite cheezy at times. Catchy though.) Let me say right off the bat with the disclosure that I’m not a theologian. I don’t pretend [...]

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