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    Inspired by Joy: Greasy Spoon Gourmet

    I never claimed to enjoy cooking – too much baggage. But recently, I’ve been inspired by Joy, the main character in Dining With Joy by my friend Rachel Hauck. It’s a great summer read set in the lovely town of Beaufort, South Carolina. Joy finds herself in a precarious situation. Her father, a cooking show [...]

    So Many Gifts, So Little Time

    I’m joining with Ann Voskamp today for Multitudes on Monday. We’re counting gifts of grace, but I have to say: So many gifts, so little time. You see, it’s already 11:18PM and I’m just starting my post. And not only that, but I’m not sure I met my self-imposed 3 gifts per day in my [...]

    Someone Please Hide the Laity Lodge Christmas Cookies

    I’m spending the first snowfall trying not to eat the entire plate of Laity Lodge Christmas Cookies I made last night. When we had The High Calling team retreat at Laity Lodge this fall, I couldn’t get enough of those cookies. Once I returned to the hectic chaos of the real world, the cookies faded [...]

    Old Enough to Eat Cornbread without Choking

    When I was little, we sometimes referred to people who had reached a certain maturity level as being “old enough to eat cornbread without choking.” I was the youngest of five and I always wanted to be that old! For years this was unattainable because I simply couldn’t eat cornbread without getting choked. For that [...]

    Why Nancy’s Easy Peach Cobbler Nearly Brought Me to Tears

    I’m not one of those people who enjoys cooking. For me, cooking has always been more of a chore than a source of pleasure. I’m pretty sure it stems from my childhood. Mom cooked simple southern meals, complete with biscuits or cornbread, in a sweltering Georgia kitchen (we didn’t have air conditioning for years) and [...]

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