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    What Do Kids and the Makers of Capri Sun Have in Common?

    If they’re smart, they can turn lemons into lemonade. A Little BackgroundToday was my lucky day. When I arrived at the Post Office, I found a 5-Minute Parking spot, right on the Avenue. I tried to pull up as far as possible, because I didn’t want to block passersby from experiencing one of the biggest [...]

    Zappos Kills Customer Service on Facebook (in a good way)

    I’m doing a presentation on social media tomorrow for the Christian Camp & Conference Centers Association and want to highlight a few companies that are doing great things on their Facebook Fan Pages. Zappos, of course, is one of my favorite companies so I found the link to the Zappos fan page so I could [...]

    United Song 1: How Would You Respond?

    Watch the video below, then read the blurb and finally, tell me your thoughts. Here’s the blurb from Dave Carroll’s website: In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. I discovered later [...]

    Patients and Parents Love Orthodontic Arts

    Once again I’ve made the trek to Orthodontic Arts with two of our four children. It’s not one of those appointments that I dread. There’s free wifi so I am able to get a little work done. And tweet a little too. Look what I found: A simple little tweet about being here, and passing [...]

    If You Were Old Navy

    With the advent of social media, you tell all your friends and they blog about it and share it with all their readers. The impact is much greater! Here’s a recent example of a friend who is using Facebook to share her complaint about an Old Navy promotion gone bad. Companies large and small should [...]

    Can Twitter Deliver? Can You?

    If you’re in business, you’ve heard the phrase “under promise, over deliver” more times than you can probably count. After a particularly poor customer service experience at a Chinese restaurant, I even explained the concept to my 10-year old son. The ability to exceed a customer’s expectation(s) is a vital aspect of providing superior customer [...]

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