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    Facebook is at it Again

    I just learned from LifeHacker that Facebook has changed your contact information email address to a address, without your permission. To read more, including the fix, click on this link:

    I’ll Show You Mine

    I’ll show you my refrigerator if you show me yours. Tonight as I was cleaning up after dinner, I had this sudden urge to take pictures of my refrigerator. Weird, I know. Except a few years ago I saw these cool photos of people’s refrigerators. Then when I was at Laity Lodge, there was a [...]

    Are You Subscribed to Zuck?

    If you’re a Facebook user, are you subscribed to Zuck, Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg? From the looks of it, more than five million people are subscribed because he converted his Facebook fans to subscribers. Zuckerberg may already have more subscribers than your favorite celebrity! To see if you’re subscribed, go to your profile and click [...]

    How to Leave a Facebook Conversation

    I’m not sure how long this feature has been available, but I just learned today that I can now leave a Facebook conversation (i.e. private message sent to all 500 of your friend’s friends and you get to read each and every reply). Here’s how. Step 1 When you’re in the message that says between [...]

    How to Delete a Facebook Application

    I’ve just done a thorough review of our teens’ Facebook settings. Yes, I took my own advice. One of our teens had several applications which needed to be deleted, but it took us forever to figure out where to do it. After several failed attempts, I finally searched the Facebook blog and found this: I [...]

    Facebook to Share Phone Numbers and Addresses

    Read Write Web reported on Sunday that Facebook is now giving Third Party Application Developers access to your phone number and address. You can read the full story here. You really should! Stop the presses. Check your permissions and be sure you know what you’re agreeing to when you sign up for all those applications [...]

    Words Tell the Story

    Have you seen those Facebook 2010 review applications ? There are at least two that I’ve seen lately. As I understand it, both apps search and analyze your status updates. One spits out a Reader’s Digest condensed version of every update you’ve made during the year. The other highlights your top three words and also [...]

    Candidate Sign of the Times

    Over the last few months, I’ve noticed people commenting about politics on social media platforms with increasing frequency. People are sharing links and opinions on Facebook and Twitter left and right. Duh! It is election time. This is, of course, not new. Obama used social media to his advantage and forever changed the way candidates [...]

    Facebook Birthday Notifications Stress Me Out

    I used to be really good at remembering birthdays. I’d send the perfect card to friends and family, days in advance of their special day. Used to. When I was married, without children and worked three days a week. Times, they have changed. Today, I do well to remember birthdays for those in my immediate [...]

    Jet Blue Uses Social Media to Announce Emergency Evacuation of Flight 262

    I just noticed this status update from JetBlue, in my Facebook stream. You can read the full story here, on the Jet Blue blog. Here are Four Observations about Why Jet Blue’s Approach is Smart: Jet Blue was prompt. The evacuation happened just before 1PM Pacific time and the blog post was up within an [...]

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