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    Processing Life

    I’ve been processing life the way photographers process images. Only not as artfully nor as expediently. So much life these last days and weeks. There was the weekend marching band competition that I chaperoned in Virginia Beach where I started reading Rumors of Water. Sadly, that was the last time I’ve seen the book and [...]

    One of Those Mornings

    I had one of those mornings today. I spent the better part of an hour listening to a 13 year-old boy rap some song about a boxman. He was supposed to put his breakfast dishes away but the white boy rap was apparently too distracting. I had to call him back into the kitchen. Thankfully the dishes [...]

    Saturdays are for Enjoying the Fruit of Your Labor

    Like these fresh squash from Peter’s garden and freshly painted walls and newly installed flooring. Saturdays are also for: sleeping in late after nearly three weeks of working long and hard. enjoying leftovers. Breathing deeply.      

    Happy Father’s Day Shmitty

    I love this photo taken of Peter and the kids last Labor Day weekend. We were at Ocean Isle Beach (NC) just after the hurricane. The surf was so rough that one evening at dusk, Peter lost his swim trunks. Not that embarrassing, trunks-fell-to-your-knees (or ankles). Nope. I’m talking, G-O-N-E. Gone with the surf. I [...]

    The Simplicity of Distance

    (I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday.) Distance. I stare at the word in front of me and think of the distance we’ll travel tomorrow for our Spring Break getaway. The last time we visited Ocean Isle Beach, we followed Hurricane Earl. He left in such a huff that the tide [...]

    7 Things I Learned When My Son (Almost) Moved Away

    This past weekend, I thought my 12 year-old son might move in with his dad in the fall. Then last night he told me he changed his mind. Even though the whole time line lasted for only 24 hours, it was one of the most emotionally draining times of my life. I went to bed [...]

    How Do You Make the Most of the Time Your Kids Are Away?

    When my ex-husband and I first separated and divorced, time away from my two children was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to deal with. I distinctly thought, “this is not what I signed up for!” I vividly remember sitting face-to-face on the floor with my two year old daughter, trying to explain [...]

    Leadership Requires Courage

    Many people have the skills and experience necessary to lead. Fewer have the courage to develop their leadership abilities by pushing their comfort zones. Yesterday morning nearly 20 elementary school children proved my point. Their knees knocked. Their palms were sweaty. Their mouths were dry. They wondered if they really had what it took. Yet [...]

    Our Mother-Son Date

    Last week Peter was working late. It was quickly approaching dinner time so I called to see how much longer he would be. Lots longer. In a stroke of brilliance, Peter suggested I take Morgan on a date. Morgan, my 10-year old son, was the only child at home that night. His sister was at [...]

    A Father’s Love for His Child

    The summer after Peter and I got married, we invited some friends over to give us their ideas for renovating our 1950-60-something ranch-style home, complete with bomb shelter. Tim, an engineer and Melanie, a chemist, (or maybe the other way around) think linearly and we wanted their feedback. We ended the tour outside on the [...]

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