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    An Undercurrent of Movement

    The other day I had lunch with a friend who shared that she is being drawn to something different. The next thing. She has an idea of what that thing might look like, but can’t be completely sure because many of the pieces are in other people’s hands. I said to her something like, “God [...]

    More Questions than Answers

    A little more than a month ago I was in Chicago attending SobCon09, business school for bloggers. I learned so much that it made my head hurt. God used two people in particular (thanks again Jon & Chris) to help me figure some things out. Now I have more questions than answers, which is partly [...]

    The Power of Friends During Career Transition

    I’ve been reading two new favorite books (The Power of Who and Say Yes to No) recently that echo the thoughts of another favorite Vital Friends (buy it new so you get the code). All three discuss the great value and power of friendships. I can think of no greater time to have positive friendships [...]

    I Cried Today

    I just heard God speak to me so clearly, that the experience overwhelmed me to tears. Since I started my own business, I’ve been so worried (stressed lately) about the direction and which way I should go. This morning when I was having my quiet time, I was really praying for God’s guidance. I remembered [...]

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