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    Remember that Seinfeld Episode Where Jerry Can’t Remember His Girlfriend’s Name?

    Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry can’t remember his girlfriend’s name? He can’t ask her because, well, it’s complicated. So he asks all sorts of questions, only to discover it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. Unfortunately, that clue still doesn’t help (until the end of the show). Well, I’m beginning to wonder [...]

    When Dysfunctional Pleasers Should Say Yes (Flowchart)

    Several years ago my friend Holly nailed it when she said I was a “Dysfunctional Pleaser.” Her words darkened the air like a thick swarm of angry yellow jackets. The sting was even worse. I was comfortable with the “pleasing” label. After all, it sounded so…congenial. But seriously. “Dysfunctional?” That was so… harsh. How dare [...]

    My Experience with Technology and Discipleship

    Today at lunch I facilitated my first Leadership Huddle with six other people from throughout the US and in Hungary. We’re fortunate to live in a time when people from all over the world can communicate via technology, but finding the right solution for my needs was not as easy as I initially thought. Needs [...]

    I’m Facilitating My First Leadership Huddle

    I’m excited to begin facilitating my first Leadership Huddle next week! For 12-13 weeks I’ll “meet” together via technology, for an hour each week with a group of Christ followers, most of whom I’ve met through Twitter, Facebook or blogging. We’ll talk about what it means to be disciples and how we can model the [...]

    Are You Developing Your Eye Muscles?

    For the last six weeks, I’ve been one of six participants in a Leadership Huddle led by John Chandler of the The Spence Network. We’ve been processing life through the lens of “life shapes,” and based on the life of Jesus. The whole idea comes from the guys at 3D Ministries, out of Pawley’s Island, [...]

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