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    What Do Kids and the Makers of Capri Sun Have in Common?

    If they’re smart, they can turn lemons into lemonade. A Little BackgroundToday was my lucky day. When I arrived at the Post Office, I found a 5-Minute Parking spot, right on the Avenue. I tried to pull up as far as possible, because I didn’t want to block passersby from experiencing one of the biggest [...]

    Facebook Change Asks Users to “Like” Brands Instead of “Become a Fan”

    Yesterday I thought I saw a change in Facebook, but it was so subtle that I didn’t fully pay attention. My friends at Associated Alarm & Camera invited me to join their Facebook Fan Page but there  was no “Become a Fan” button. Instead, I was asked to “Like” their company. Peter and I are [...]

    4 Reasons Stories Go Viral

    Several people have emailed me this morning to let me know the Facebook Ads story has turned into a Facebook meme (rhymes w/cream). A friend in Florida received the note from a friend of his in Hawaii. A reporter in Chicago just contacted me for a story they’re running. (I’ll provide the link when available.) [...]

    Big Takeaways from Today’s Twebinar

    I just sat in on the first Twebinar thanks to Chris Brogan, Marcel LeBrun and many others at Cross Tech Media and Radian 6. What a GREAT first-time experience combining a webinar with the power of twitter to broaden the conversation. In case you missed it, here’s a summary of what stood out most for [...]

    6 Ways You Can Use Twitter Today

    In recent months, I’ve talked with dozens of real-life friends and business acquaintances about Twitter: what it is, why and how I use it and why they should as well. Twitter updates can be found on my Facebook page, my Plaxo Pulsestream and on my blog. I’ve spoken about Twitter in presentations and conversations. Here’s [...]

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