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    Friday July 29 is National Take Your Wife to Lunch Day

    Less than a week after major surgery and I’m going stir crazy, so I told Peter today is National Take Your Wife to Lunch Day. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Funny guy, that Peter. He googled  ”National Take Your Wife to Lunch Day” and couldn’t find anything. Not to be outdone, I told him [...]

    Happy Anniversary, Baby

    Happy Anniversary, Baby! Gotchu on my mi-ind. (For those of you who don’t know, today is not our wedding anniversary, but the anniversary of the day Peter and I met.) Nine years ago today, I boarded a plane from Texas to Lynchburg, with a layover in Pittsburg. That destination changed my life in ways I [...]

    Did He Really Say That in Church?

    It’s not often, like, never, that I’ve heard the words “vagina” and “penis” in a sermon. Until today. Jim Pace was the guest speaker at lcf and let me just tell you – he brought it! Jim is the lead pastor at nlcf in Blacksburg, VA. He’s also author of “Should We Fire God?” and [...]

    Change Your Facebook Settings Or Else Updated

    UPDATE 7/19/09 5:43 p.m. Since my original post, thanks to the many comments here and elsewhere, I’ve learned that the issue is not with Facebook. The culprit is a third-party app developer – likely the quiz app. Nonetheless, changing the settings as described below, is still a good idea for most people. Today is Sunday. [...]

    Hertz Never Lost is Wrong

    Not wrong in the sense that their GPS maps are off (though they vary slightly based on location). Wrong in the sense that, when you reach your destination, the lady’s voice says, “You have arrived.” (Watch below; you’ll see what I mean.) Admittedly, I sort of like hearing this complete stranger tell me I’ve arrived. [...]

    When Business Costs Too Much

    Lately I’ve been so busy working on my business (revising the website, preparing for a client project, learning about social networks, blogging, etc.) that, at times I’ve lost sight of what’s most important – the people around me. The cost of doing business had skyrocketed higher than the price of gasoline and I was completely [...]

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