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    7 Things I Learned When My Son (Almost) Moved Away

    This past weekend, I thought my 12 year-old son might move in with his dad in the fall. Then last night he told me he changed his mind. Even though the whole time line lasted for only 24 hours, it was one of the most emotionally draining times of my life. I went to bed [...]

    Hitting the Reset Button

    The hard drive which is my life has been stuck in a loop of some sort and I’m in desperate need of a reset. Seriously. If I am to grab hold of my purpose, then I have to let go of other things that have become distractions. Even as I write this post, my thoughts [...]

    Coincidence or God Moment

    Last week I spoke at the Lynchburg Evening Aglow meeting and shared my story based on my work in progress – the book I’m writing. At the end of the meeting, several ladies prayed for me and one used the phrase “ready writer” in her prayer. Others who were there affirmed that phrase, which I [...]

    The Power of Friends During Career Transition

    I’ve been reading two new favorite books (The Power of Who and Say Yes to No) recently that echo the thoughts of another favorite Vital Friends (buy it new so you get the code). All three discuss the great value and power of friendships. I can think of no greater time to have positive friendships [...]

    What Would Jesus Tweet?

    While driving home from a recent lunch meeting, a weird thought popped into my mind. What would Jesus tweet? (Maybe you’re familiar with the whole WWJD craze, which admittedly, has been quite cheezy at times. Catchy though.) Let me say right off the bat with the disclosure that I’m not a theologian. I don’t pretend [...]

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