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    Facebook is at it Again

    I just learned from LifeHacker that Facebook has changed your contact information email address to a address, without your permission. To read more, including the fix, click on this link:

    Change The Location Setting on Your Phone’s Camera or Else

    If you’ve got a smart phone and post pictures of yourself or your kids online, you may want to disable your location (GPS) settings for your camera. Watch the video below to see why changing your settings could be important for your safety and for that of your family/children. (You may need to scroll down [...]

    One Facebook Setting You Should Definitely Change

    I just came across this great post about Facebook security and a short (1 min. 49 sec.) video on how-to enable HTTPS/SSL encryption on your Facebook account. Blah blah blah. Whatever. You don’t have to understand it to do it. Bottom line, changing this setting makes your account secure (in theory, because apparently, even Zuckerburg [...]

    Change Your Facebook Settings or Else (Part 2)

        It’s time to review your Facebook Privacy Settings. Again. Recent changes made by the social media giant have prompted the following meme on Facebook:   “As of today, there is a new privacy setting called ‘Instant Personalization’ that shares data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to ‘Allow.’ To change this [...]

    Is Your Teen’s Facebook Page Open for All the World to See?

    If you don’t know the answer to that question, now is probably a good time to check the privacy setting of your teen’s Facebook account. But first, here’s the back story. Last night Peter was viewing our teen’s Facebook page and noticed a comment from one of her friends. He didn’t know this friend so [...]

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