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    Simply Silent

    It’s not uncommon for me to be so busy talking, that I miss what someone is saying. Usually it’s Peter or the children, trying to get my attention, but I have my own words, ideas, agendas. Unfortunately, sometimes I’m like this with God as well. I have my own words, ideas or agendas as I [...]

    The Simplicity of Distance

    (I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday.) Distance. I stare at the word in front of me and think of the distance we’ll travel tomorrow for our Spring Break getaway. The last time we visited Ocean Isle Beach, we followed Hurricane Earl. He left in such a huff that the tide [...]

    Everything In Its Place and Other Myths

    A place for everything, and everything in its place is a myth at our house. For the moment. When our basement flooded, we were very lucky that most things were in bookcases, dressers or in plastic tubs on shelving. Everything was in its place, thankfully, even in the laundry room where the shut-off valve broke. [...]

    Simply Flooded

    Sometimes words dry up and then the waters flood. Thoughts of God’s faithfulness have flooded my mind these last few days. There’s so much to tell – a lifetime of God’s faithfulness, moving and acting on my behalf. For years, the longing to share His story grew within my womb, but I tried the work [...]

    Fallen Off The Wagon

    I’ve fallen off the wagon for the last couple of weeks. The menu-making, planning-ahead-for-meals wagon. We’ve been foraging through cupboards, sparse pantry shelves and barren refrigerator/freezers for the last several days. How long can a family survive on PB&J? We would have found out had it not been for Brittany‘s example. She inspired me to get [...]

    The Simplify Journey: Heart Start

    This week as I began my walk on the Simplify Journey, I discovered tracks that led straight to/through my heart. Perhaps that’s the only place to start on the journey to simplify. Change, after all, lasting change, is not likely to occur without some sort of impact to the heart. Initially I wasn’t so concerned [...]

    The Simplify Journey

    I invited friends to join me on the Simplify Journey, but I have to tell you, I was more than a bit nervous. Suddenly I was in high school again, or worse, in middle school. I wasn’t the popular kid. I invited all the cool kids to come to a party. I decorated the house, [...]

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