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    My Three Words for 2009

    Earlier this year I read a great post on 3 Goals for 2009 by Chris Brogan about his alternative to New Year’s Resolutions. It seemed to make sense to me, especially in terms of helping me stay focused on specific areas and outcomes for the year. Since life was busy, I couldn’t provide the mental [...]

    VACCE Institute Presentations

    Yesterday I had the privilege of giving two presentations for the 2009 Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (VACCE) Institute. Bob Leveque, VP Manufacturing, RR Donnelley, provided the keynote address entitled, “The Power of Attitude in Tough Times.”

    Calling All Central VA Social Networkers

    Central VA TweetUp #1 Live in or near Lynchburg, VA and want to meet other people who are using social networking sites for business? Then meet us for the first ever Central Virginia TweetUp – a meeting of people who may only know each other by their @Twitter nick names. In this case, the gathering [...]

    To Friend or Not to Friend

    Social networking is all about meeting new people and connecting with folks in a variety of platforms, right? So when is it OK to say no? When is it appropriate, or even prudent, to block a Twitter follower? As a reformed dysfunctional pleaser, I often worry about blocking someone or denying a friend request. Thankfully, [...]

    Grow Your Twitter Following

    For the last couple of weeks I’ve been rolling a post around in my brain about how and why I choose to follow people on Twitter. Last night Grant Griffiths tweeted the question and we decided to do a tandem post about the subject. You can read his post here. It’s good. I use Twitter [...]

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