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    My Three Words for 2009

    Earlier this year I read a great post on 3 Goals for 2009 by Chris Brogan about his alternative to New Year’s Resolutions. It seemed to make sense to me, especially in terms of helping me stay focused on specific areas and outcomes for the year. Since life was busy, I couldn’t provide the mental [...]

    My Friday Follow Surprise

    Last Friday was a busy day with a fun surprise that caught me completely off guard! The surprise came as a random act of kindness by a Twitter friend, Dee Stewart. Unbeknownst to me, Dee waged a Twitter campaign to help me reach 2000 followers. A meeting in Charlottesville had me off the grid for [...]

    6 Reasons You Should Use Plaxo

    I’ve been a fan of Plaxo since November 2003, just a year after the service began. Though I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon Plaxo, I love it because it makes life easy. You may remember from a previous post that I mentioned how people like companies that make it easy, quick and nice [...]

    Reaching Out to Others

    Networking in real life and social networking are really about reaching out to others. See and be seen leads to reach and be reached. The online tools and real life venues put people in the spaces to make this happen more easily. Here are two examples. Twitter and Gourmet Brownies I was pleasantly surprised today [...]

    Big Takeaways from Today’s Twebinar

    I just sat in on the first Twebinar thanks to Chris Brogan, Marcel LeBrun and many others at Cross Tech Media and Radian 6. What a GREAT first-time experience combining a webinar with the power of twitter to broaden the conversation. In case you missed it, here’s a summary of what stood out most for [...]

    Tweople You Must Follow

    As noted in yesterday’s post, for the last few months I’ve been telling people about Twitter. This morning an idea for a post started brewing in my mind and now the pot is finally ready. Here is a short list of tweople I recommend anyone using Twitter should follow, and why. (This could be part [...]

    6 Ways You Can Use Twitter Today

    In recent months, I’ve talked with dozens of real-life friends and business acquaintances about Twitter: what it is, why and how I use it and why they should as well. Twitter updates can be found on my Facebook page, my Plaxo Pulsestream and on my blog. I’ve spoken about Twitter in presentations and conversations. Here’s [...]

    Networking (in person) for Introverts

    You’re an introvert and you suddenly realize networking isn’t an option. Maybe you’re a small business owner and you need to meet new people to grow your business. Maybe your boss wants you to attend some networking events to gain additional visibility for the company. Or perhaps your significant other is dragging you to a [...]

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