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    Work as Calling

    Yesterday’s passing of Dick Clark, 82, and that of Mike Wallace, 93, on April 7th, have me pondering the importance of work as calling. Both men had successful careers, made significant contributions to their respective industries and helped shape culture, for generations. But these words from a recent US Today article remain in my thoughts, playing [...]

    Near Boiling Point at Work?

    Do coworkers ever drive you crazy? If so, you might find encouragement in this video. What about you? How does your perspective about The High Calling of your daily work impact your attitude?

    Zappos is So Enchanting

    I’m a long-time fan of Zappos for numerous reasons. They’re customer focused. They’re fun! But it wasn’t until I read Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki that I realized Zappos is also trustworthy. According to Kawasaki, “Zappos is built on trust – two-way trust, actually.” Customers trust Zappos’ money-back guarantee with free shipping (both ways) and Zappos [...]

    Tea Takes Time

    We were supposed to be on the lookout for a special Christmas present from The High Calling, according to Laura. She was so excited and at some point, even disclosed that it would come from France. I’m not sure which team member received the gift first, but I remember reading Deidra’s post, seeing the photos [...]

    My Third Word for 2011: Bread

    My third word for 2011 is bread. As in, Bread of Life. The first two words appeared weeks ago. Breathe and Simplify. But I didn’t firmly grasp the third word until the latter part of January. During my Quiet Times studying John, God kept showing me “bread.” Each time I read or wrote about bread, [...]

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