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    My Third Word for 2011: Bread

    My third word for 2011 is bread. As in, Bread of Life. The first two words appeared weeks ago. Breathe and Simplify. But I didn’t firmly grasp the third word until the latter part of January. During my Quiet Times studying John, God kept showing me “bread.” Each time I read or wrote about bread, [...]

    New Year’s Ponderings

    I have about twenty minutes before I have to go pick up the paint brush again, but I wanted to quickly share with you a few of my thoughts on this New Year’s day. All four children were away for the Christmas holiday. Two have returned, and the other two come back home on Tuesday. [...]

    Relief from Lynchburg’s 96 Percent Humidity

    Finding relief from Lynchburg’s unbelievable heat and humidity by remembering this… and thinking how it reminds me very much of the way I often think of my hair. When it’s long, I want it to be short. When it’s short, I want it to be long. When it’s snowing, I want it to be warm. [...]

    What’s Glove Got to Do With It?

    UPDATE 1/5/10 4:03PM: (Thanks @rickwolff for this idea which could be the start of something… ) Just for kicks (or punches?), if you come across a single glove, pop it in the mail to: CultureSmith Consulting, POBox 1352, Lynchburg, VA 24503. ***** That’s not a typo. Nor is this a tribute to the Tina Turner [...]

    My Three Words for 2010

    A new year can seem rather daunting. Resolutions made in good faith too often fall by the wayside. At least that’s sometimes my pattern. Maybe you can relate as well. Enter “Three Words.” Last year I came across Chris Brogan’s Three Words theory. It made so much sense to me that I came up with [...]

    Three Wise Men at Starbucks

    I saw three wise men yesterday at Starbucks and it’s not even Christmas time! They were meeting to solve local and world problems and basically just “chew the fat” (southern colloquialism for sitting around talking about everything and nothing in particular). And they did this every day, sometimes with a few more wise men, sometimes [...]

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