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    I’ll Show You Mine

    I’ll show you my refrigerator if you show me yours. Tonight as I was cleaning up after dinner, I had this sudden urge to take pictures of my refrigerator. Weird, I know. Except a few years ago I saw these cool photos of people’s refrigerators. Then when I was at Laity Lodge, there was a [...]

    Jet Blue Uses Social Media to Announce Emergency Evacuation of Flight 262

    I just noticed this status update from JetBlue, in my Facebook stream. You can read the full story here, on the Jet Blue blog. Here are Four Observations about Why Jet Blue’s Approach is Smart: Jet Blue was prompt. The evacuation happened just before 1PM Pacific time and the blog post was up within an [...]

    Twitter Tips by @RevTrev

    I just found a Twitter resource that might be of interest to you. Trevor Lund, one of our new High Calling Blogs members, just emailed me his e-book “Twitter Tips” and said I could share it with anyone interested. Here’s the link to sign up for Trevor’s newsletter/download the e-book, or you can email me [...]

    Social Media for Business at Lynchburg College’s Progressive Business Forum

    This morning I had the privilege of presenting a session on social media for Lynchburg College‘s Progressive Business Forum. (Thanks Ben, for the invite.) Here’s the slide deck, followed by a few of the key points and links to resources. Social Media For Business View more presentations from Cheryl Smith. First and foremost, remember your [...]

    Twitter Makes the World Smaller

    Last month I went to Nashville to visit my friend Wendy. The first flight available to return to Lynchburg was early Monday evening. Since Wendy and her husband Curtis were both working, I used the day to meet several people from Twitter. In real life. That’s the beauty of social media. Twitter, Facebook and the [...]

    Are You Ready For The Digg Effect

    I’ve heard of the “Digg Effect” (akin to the Brogan Bump or the Oprah Effect) but had no idea I would ever experience it myself. Until last week when I wrote this Facebook Ads post that created quite a stir. My post generated subsequent posts on Mashable, Digg, Reddit, ReadWriteWeb, Download Squad, WalletPop and more. [...]

    250 Million Users Not Too Busy for Facebook

    Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced today on this blog post that the social networking giant reached the 250 Million Users mark. (Click on the graphic below to enlarge.) Which makes me wonder about all the people I’ve heard over the last few years say, “I’m just too busy for Facebook (or LinkedIn or [...]

    The Things You Discover on Twitter

    Tonight I was doing a search on Twitter to see who was talking about Lynchburg. You can follow that real time search here. That’s when I found this tweet: I’ve known Ken Garren, President of Lynchburg College, (LC) for several years and actually had the privilege of attending his inaugural ball. I’ve seen him and [...]

    Charlotte Airport Makes Long Layovers Nice

    If you have to have a long layover, you want to be at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) because it’s nice, as in, “easy, quick and nice.” It’s so nice, in fact, that I tweeted about it here on Thursday. Here are a few things I love about CLT:

    Fun Times at Women, Influence & Social Media

    Just moments ago Jennifer Bailey and I presented Women, Influence & Social Media to a group of Lynchburg business and non-profit professionals. Our goal was to decrease some of the mystery and intimidation associated with social media in order to make it accessible, which really is the point. Take a look at the presentation below [...]

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