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    Processing Life

    I’ve been processing life the way photographers process images. Only not as artfully nor as expediently. So much life these last days and weeks. There was the weekend marching band competition that I chaperoned in Virginia Beach where I started reading Rumors of Water. Sadly, that was the last time I’ve seen the book and [...]

    I’m Buying Rumors of Water. Today.

    I’m buying Rumors of Water, the latest book by L. L. Barkat. Today. Why? Two Three Reasons. In non-technical terms, there’s some weird book-buying algorithm thingee that promotes books to the top of best seller lists if they sell a bunch of books on launch day. Today is that day. Because L. L. is a friend, I’d [...]

    Five Minute Food on Friday

    It’s already after 11 and I just finished breakfast. But I have good reasons. First, I woke up early and refreshed this morning because last night, I was totally wiped out and in bed by 9:30PM. After Peter and I had coffee and he left to go to work, I popped into a friend’s yard [...]

    I Think I’m Depressed

    I think I’m depressed. Not in the, “I can’t get out of bed” sense of the word. And maybe “depressed” isn’t exactly right. Maybe it’s just a funk. Whatever you call it, for the last few months, I seem to be stuck. Stuck in the “what to do next” phase. I don’t have a sense [...]

    Hitting the Reset Button

    The hard drive which is my life has been stuck in a loop of some sort and I’m in desperate need of a reset. Seriously. If I am to grab hold of my purpose, then I have to let go of other things that have become distractions. Even as I write this post, my thoughts [...]

    My Three Words for 2009

    Earlier this year I read a great post on 3 Goals for 2009 by Chris Brogan about his alternative to New Year’s Resolutions. It seemed to make sense to me, especially in terms of helping me stay focused on specific areas and outcomes for the year. Since life was busy, I couldn’t provide the mental [...]

    Coincidence or God Moment

    Last week I spoke at the Lynchburg Evening Aglow meeting and shared my story based on my work in progress – the book I’m writing. At the end of the meeting, several ladies prayed for me and one used the phrase “ready writer” in her prayer. Others who were there affirmed that phrase, which I [...]

    One Size Does NOT Fit All

    Whoever coined the phrase “one size fits all” was a marketing genius. He or she was inaccurate, but since when does marketing have to be accurate? God simply did not create us all the same. Yet for some reason, we still try to be like everyone else. This point was brought home to me recently [...]

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